"An informed and engaged citizenry is both the means and ends of sound public policy."

David Robinson, Candidate for Worthington City Council

If re-elected to your city council, I pledge to:

Empower the Residents of Worthington

When Worthington residents are informed, engaged, and listened to, we make the best decisions. This should be City Council’s guiding principle. That means Council should proactively share information, encourage robust debate, truly listen, and then act accordingly. This is how we achieve sound policies and a healthy political culture. Council should be held to this standard.

Support Smart, Responsible Growth

Change is inevitable, often desirable. But it’s vital that we, the citizens, shape the character of that change. If we don’t, others will. Our development policies should be resident-centered, and not driven by the short-term interests of large, corporate developers. That’s how we’ll preserve the character of our city and the special feel of our neighborhoods. This also makes good economic sense, attracting businesses that enhance our community while supporting the value of our homes.

Develop a Long-Term Sustainability Strategy

Worthington has recently enacted a number of sustainability programs, and it is crucial that we do more. The right sustainability policies create a more vibrant community, save us money, and put us at the forefront of local efforts addressing climate change. Developing and executing a long-term plan—for energy, land use, trees, water, bike and pedestrian access, community gardens, and parks—is of the highest priority for the well-being of our community.

Support our Neighborhood Schools

Development decisions should take into account the full impact on our neighborhood schools. Let’s avoid projects that threaten us with overcrowding, redistricting, and traffic safety issues.

Maintain Excellent City Services

We should continually work to maintain and improve the delivery of essential services—water, sewer, trash/recycling, streets, and plowing. High quality service and efficiency go hand-in-hand.

To read about David’s thinking and policy positions on a range of issues facing Worthington during the last three years, please visit DavidRobinsonBlog.com

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About David Robinson

Tulia, Lorraine, Will, David, and Beatrix

David at Marcy Enterprises


President and co-owner, Marcy Enterprises, Inc., a local manufacturing company exporting Ohio-made products to the world. Core responsibilities include: business development, negotiating, strategic planning, and product innovation.

David with his father on Graduation Day


The Ohio State University, B.S.B.A. (Honors Accounting)
Chicago Theological Seminary, M.A. (Theological Studies)
Emory University, Ph.D. (Psychology and Theology)

David and neighbors at Moses Wright, Earth Day


Four years on Worthington City Council; led successful Keep Worthington Beautiful campaign strengthening residents’ control of zoning; public speaker on clean energy and the environment, The Climate Project; advocate and fundraiser, the Alzheimer’s Association (created and executed solo cross-country Ride For Reason).

David in Worthington Historic District
Let’s build on the traditions of Worthington so that our community is better than ever. Through resident-centered policies, we can both prosper and preserve what we love about our city.